The Dior Fairytale: Paris Spring’17


When Maria Grazia Chiuri started her association with Christian Dior the last quarter of 2016, she wasn’t only the first female fashion house creative director for the maison but also one of the few designers who came out as a Feminist and emphasised on its power as her mission statement. The woman is not only exceptional at her work but is also unique in her ways. And, her Spring 2017 Couture has spoken volumes about her ethic in the same direction with her first collection.

While the transition for the Maison itself is conversation worthy, the collection is exemplary of the new age era with a touch of nostalgia in its codes. In fact, if anything, the spirit of Dior, which was not to be ‘plain and dainty’ has been reaffirmed and reestablished with this stunning couture collection.

With the mysticism and fairytale brought back with the Dior Spring 2017 collection, the mood was set with the flights of untrammelled Dior savoir-faire in the Primavera-style goddess gowns, flat pressed silk flowers between layers of pale tulle. “I wanted the clothes to be dreamy, but also modern and wearable,” said Chiuri. And so they were with bar jackets, flowers for jewellery and just flowing beautiful clothes that reeked of comfort couture. Going through Jess Cartner-Morley’s article in The Guardian and reading  – “A navy velvet dress with a stark, simple V-neck bodice and panels of sunray-pleated black chiffon in the skirt, and an off-white column dress with flounced sleeves were both grander relations of looks which are recognisably part of a modern woman’s real wardrobe.

The word:

The looks is everything lovely, everything mysterious and everything sensual that modern woman is, as well.”, felt like someone had put in words exactly what I was thinking upon viewing this beautiful ensemble.

I’m absolutely awestruck by the beauty and aesthetic of this collection and have found myself to be more fond of the maison after this collection in a new found loyalty. I’m especially touched by how this collection is an ode to the nature in way that it doesn’t fail modernity or the brand’s heritage. The collection not only offers a plethora of details and a refreshing approach to beauty but the fact that it is executed with such precision is that it offers escapism and peacefulness in vulnerability in its very essence. I believe the collection may actually mark the beginning of a new visual trend across the fashion seasons that are to come. I sure hope it does.

Below are the looks from the collection for you to view, cherish and decide what you think about it. Thoughts are most welcome. Stay Ertsy!


Collection Images via Vogue

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  1. I think this is Diors return to form, and I love her work! Some of it is questionable but majority of it I find it enchanting, creative, powerful and all make a strong statement. I really love her designs.

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