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Fashion Hola to all my lovely ladies and men!

How many times do we go all out looking for the perfect gift got the men in our life and fail miserably. For if you wish to gift a shirt, should you also buy a pair of trousers and finish the set? Snd well, while at it should there also be a tie in the set? Oh well, then there’re tie-pins and cuff-link; what about handkerchiefs? So, should you go for all of that? But it would look so over done and the occasion isn’t of that grandeur and well, you gift that once, what about the next time!

Honestly, I’m exhausted to even think about all that and more.

While I was out thinking on the lines of the same, I stumbled upon this…



Now, don’t be mistaken by its strategic business appearance, this is a diary, specifically designed for us young minds who are all set to take the corporate world heads on but well, not quite there yet. Everything about the product, starting from the look and feel entices you enough but then what’s inside is what matters. Look at the amazing catch-lines it uses!


I say that it is the perfect gifting idea for your friend/boyfriend/husband who’s getting into corporate or starting a business school. For it perfectly reels the feeling of being a professional while still keeping the student- carefree- chill- attitude intact. When you’d hold it in your own vicinity, people won’t even know how you actually are prioritising them in your list. *wink wink*

And, that’s not it! You can personalise it, too!


I think the look and feel of the product is absolutely amazing and is worth at every penny it is costed (and affordably so)!

And look at all this amazing feedback it is getting and colours for us Ertsy Chicks too!


I’m absolutely mesmerised by this awesome diary and I’m gifting this to my friend as a congratulatory gift upon getting selected to his dream school and you too can. In fact, it’s a सटीक gift for your own self, too!

Go ahead, find it on: ButterlyYours

Start ordering and make the most out of it! xx






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