The Resort Flair #ErtsyLookOfTheWeek

The Resort Flair #ErtsyLookOfTheWeek

Hola, Ertsy family! Welcome back to your favorite travel in style blog for some refreshing trends, infos, hacks, and inspirations. So, I have been away for a while now but my spirit is now all refreshed and I’m gearing up for an ever so stylish line of content. The resort season is peaking right now and as I am on the beach of Costa Brava or the Wild Coast, I’m bringing this resort flair look for you.

The key to acing the resort feels lies in embracing the comfort of your own skin. I mean, this is what every post on ertsy has been preparing you for. Just be confident in your skin and you will look 100 times better in wearing them all. Besides, the resort is for relaxation and unwinding, so you better have your chic on without putting in effort or being conscious.

This is exactly what I’ve tried to achieve in the beach feels resort flair look. The outfit is basic, comfortable, based on elements, and is very chic. The look may be universal too because it works on pretty much all body types. Oh, and, because it is from Spain, I also have the Spanish fashion edge to it.

After all, what better way to travel in style than to have a little bit of the whole world woven in you.

In retrospection, colors are the most essential to a resort look. If you choose the right ones, you are bound to slay. A hack would be to go for colors that reflect light and bring out the best of your resort flair. Like, Whites, nudes, mustards, and so on.


The outfit:

– Off shoulder nude pink dress
– Black knee high gladiators

– Seashell earrings with tassels
– Basic eye makeup with water proof eyeliner
– Beach essentials- sunglasses, straw hat, sunscreen, and the resort feels

So, that was my simplistic interpretation of another resort look. Do tell me your thoughts about it via the comment section below. For more travel in style adventures, keep following ertsy.
Till then, be your own desire.x

Aditi Parashar
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