The Silhouette Gold! #ErtsyLookOfTheWeek

The Silhouette Gold! #ErtsyLookOfTheWeek

Hallo, Ertsy Fashionistas! This week Ertsy is going live and in its might from the land of Dutch- Netherlands. And, while we are bringing the newest Ertsy look of the week straight from Amsterdam, there’s an element of French fashion in it induced by Ertsy. *Wink*

In the essence of everything Ertsy stands for, we stride to make doable looks for the trendiest fashionistas like you. This time, however, we’ve also gone on to add a parallel of detailed styling and make-up to our usual regime of faster fashion. So, with this look you not only have style, but also some awesome beauty tips to take your Style Quotient forward with.

The look:

Is all about enjoying the travel and the luxury of travel while being yourself in the most comfortable and chic outfit.

This Silhouette gold look comprises of a sleek black mesh frock skirt and a golden bomber jacket with a pair of stockings and warm-inside boots.


We’ve obviously added some other elements to make you stand out in the best possible ways while we highlight the travel artiste in you. Like the hand-bag, the golden fall earring, the chic neck-piece and some stunning make-up.


And for the french touch, there’s this french-cap and the Parisienne attitude!


The basis of every ertsy outfit is confidence, whether it is with elegance or with the rebellious attitude and we bring both of them together and well in this ertsy look of the week.


The idea is to bring out the charming persona but only to amuse yourself and no other!


Now, for the beauty regime!

Use a dark coloured eye-shadow to highlight your beautiful peepers with a classic line of eye-liner and add finishing touches with a concealer-highlighter. A suave yet bright coloured lip-gloss always works best for all styles.


Pro-tip: For your eye shadow to not smudge and spread, use a moisturiser before you start and complete your eye-make-up before you apply your concealer/highlighter. Keep the make-up light yet vibrant, so that you look totally dope but stay completely comfortable doing it.


And, if you think this may hold you back, it didn’t hold me back! I just tied my hair back and off went on my bicycle around the city!


Remember, remember, with ertsy, it is all about celebrating yourself, traveling, living and being your own desire!


So be it!!




Aditi Parashar
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