Things to do in Copenhagen

The Nordic countries are known for their beauty and super humanitarian societies today. And with the perfect mix of innovation, history, and young cities, it is not unusual to be intrigued by them. To quench my curiosity and learn from this culture, I traveled to Copenhagen, Denmark for this weekend. And might I tell you that it was an absolutely enthralling experience. So, here is a list of things to do in Copenhagen for you!


I wore a Pink skirt dress with a crop choker style jumper and a bomber jacket. However, I also had a big coat to save myself from the chilly winds.

Things to do in Copenhagen

I started with these super amazing braids (thanks to my friend, Aya) but then ended up with open hair, as usual.

Things to do in Copenhagen


The capital of the beautiful Nordic country of Denmark- Copenhagen, is a beautiful getaway for any young traveler. Known for its colorful harbors, historic sites, and happening nightlife, it has something for everyone.

Things to do in Copenhagen


It’s easy to get to Copenhagen on a flight. There are several low-cost airlines that fly on the route, too. The city has accessible public transportation networks with multiple days passes. You could even walk in the city if cold doesn’t really bother you.
The currency of Denmark is DKK. While usually, the establishments do accept Euros it is always better to ask in advance or pay by credit card!



The best time to visit Copenhagen is in Summer months since it may be too cold for rest of the year. You can also take a chance for cheaper prices in the early spring but don’t expect any spring-like when you decide to visit at this time. The city, however, doesn’t disappoint aesthetically either way!

Things to do in Copenhagen

What: All things to do in Copenhagen

Nyhavn Harbor

The colorful harbor with its tall ships makes one of the most beautiful sites in the city. Even if it may be relatively crowded, it is definitely worth a visit. Photo sessions long walk, or just hanging out… it is perfect for all.

I recommend picking snacks and beer here to avoid expensive cafes and restaurants, too.

Christiansborg Kirke

The colorful church is the official church of the Danish royalty. It is beautiful, picturesque, and a perfect hideout from all those cold winds! Do watch out for Queen’s white horses on the site when visiting here.

Rosenborg Castle and King’s gardens

Things to do in Copenhagen

The summer home of the king built in the 1600s is now a museum with beautiful adjoining gardens. I definitely recommend this is the tulip season (End March and April beginning) as this is really something that would brighten up your day!


Things to do in Copenhagen

The less known and more controversial part of Copenhagen is the island borough of Christianshavn. A formerly abandoned military base, it was taken over by squatters in 1971 amidst of a housing shortage to form an alternative society.
It really is an eccentric place to be when you visit the city.

Things to do in Copenhagen


– World Class Museums

Whether it is Statens Museum for Kunst or Nationalmuseet, Copenhagen has impressive historical and art museums. Besides they are free in offseason and great hideaways from the cold as well!

– Royal Library
Located on the island of Slotsholmen, the royal library is a part of the government seating! It has various beautiful sections with several unique reads in many languages for all literary enthusiasts. It is near the harbor with picturesque views, too!

– Nightlife
Nightlife in Copenhagen is celebrated. Especially if you’re a party person, there are many things to do in Copenhagen for you. The alcohol is also cheaper than more Western European cities so that’s a plus!

Things to do in Copenhagen

– The Little Mermaid sculptor
Located in the most famous residence of the city- the sculpture is an ode to the character. If not for that, the climb on the harbor-side offers beautiful aerial views of the city and some picturesque fountains, too.

Things to do in Copenhagen

So, that was it from my Copenhagen travel diary. Hope I was able to cover all things to do in Copenhagen. If you can think of more, don’t forget to leave them in comments below.

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Till then, keep discovering and exploring this beautiful world that has so much to offer. 😉

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