Prague Travel Diary

Prague Travel Diary: Things to do in Prague

To celebrate the fantastic start of the spring I had in Prague last weekend, I created a travel diary for you all with all awesome things to do in Prague.

Outfit: Travel in Style!

Prague Travel Diary Street Style
I’m wearing a Black blazer-style dress from Shein. Styling it with a pink beret, a pearl choker and a pair of black boots with the white in-line faux fur. To add some color to the outfit, I’m wearing a graffiti style sling bag with a horseshoe buckle (like that of Gucci)!

Prague Travel Diary Street Style
The dress is my favorite recent purchase with rich material and absolutely stunning fit. And you know what makes it 10x better? It has functional pockets!?


Prague Travel Diary Things to do in Prague



Prague is the capital city of Czechoslovakia.  Famous for its antiques and central European charms, it is also one of the major stops of the historical Grand tours. The city looks like the perfect mix of medieval and modern today with pastel-colored buildings and all the amenities you’d need!
The official currency of the country is Czech Crown. Even though Euro is accepted at most places here, I recommend traveling with the local currency to be able to make most out of local experiences.


Prague Travel Diary Things to do in Prague

The city is accessible by bus, trains, and of course, flights. It also has a great network of public transports. Just making literally all the things to do in Prague more accessible.
It is a relatively small city with everything at a short distance. I recommend booking your stay near the center and taking a 2/3 days pass to hop on buses or trams at your convenience.


Prague Travel Diary Things to do in Prague

Prague is beautiful all year round. However, with respect to weather, crowds, and accessibility, the best time to visit between March to May and September to November.

To Do:

The city has its share of touristy and not so touristy things to do. One perk of being small is that everything is at a walkable distance and you can literally see everything in a day! If you do have more time though, I recommend taking idle long walks in the beautiful streets of Prague.

Prague Travel Diary Street Style

All the things to do in Prague –


  • Old Town Square

Start with arriving at the old town square where you’ll see several coffee (kava) stalls and street pizza stalls. I recommend that for breakfast before you get set to move along.

  • Astronomical Clock

Regarded as the best preserved mechanical clock in the world, the astronomical clock is situated on the south face of the old town hall, right in the old town Square.

Prague Travel Diary Things to do in Prague

  • Charles Bridge

Stroll across this majestic bridge with beautiful views of the city on both sides. A simple walk across the 14th Century bridge is enough to become one of the most memorable experiences of visiting Prague. 

  • Prague Castle

Who would’ve known that the official office of the Czech President is literally a 9th-century castle complex! It is also one of the largest complexes in the world, is made up of historical palaces, offices, church and fortification buildings, gardens and picturesque spots.

  • St Vitus Cathedral

Visible from all around the city, St. Vitus Cathedral is located inside the Prague Castle. Despite the grandeur of centuries-old architecture, it was built in 1922. It is known for its ‘hidden treasures’ and more!

Prague Travel Diary Things to do in Prague


  • Lennon Wall

Yeah, I didn’t miss-spell Lenin. There is, in fact, a Beatles tribute graffiti wall in Prague to pay homage to the band. If you’re a fan, you must be here!

  • Kafka Museum

For the literature enthusiasts out there, Kafka museum is definitely an ode to his nostalgia. Ranging from metaphorical hollow statues to fantasy representations of his work, it has everything you’d expect!


  • Prague Museum

Founded 1818 in Prague by Kašpar Maria Šternberg, it is a historic and scientific representation of the world. If you have time to spare, it does have some great exhibits to see.


  • Old Jewish Ghettos

For the history enthusiast in you, this place is an epitome of the hardships and survival of the Jewish community. The Jewish quarter, also known as Josefov, is located between the Old Town and the Vltava River. Despite the destruction and seclusions, many significant historical buildings remain including six synagogues are well worth a visit today.

Prague Travel Diary Street Style

  • River Cruise

So,  I don’t personally recommend a river cruise in Prague. This is because unlike in Paris and London, not every landmark of the city is on the riverside. However, if you really want to, it is doable, cheap, and can also be done on more personal boats.


  • Nightlife

Prague’s nightlife is known all over the world for its live jazz and classical music. Take a stroll down the riverside and arrive at JazzDock which draws some of the best local jazz musicians

For club crawlers, the Cross Club is an industrial nightclub in every sense of the word. Located in an industrial setting, the interior is a must-see jumble of gadgets, shafts, and cranks, many of which move to the music.

Prague Travel Diary Street Style

Another of the things to do in Prague is a beer-tour and be a part of the amazing Czech beer culture. You can even take part in the official Beer Tours of the city!


So, that’s all from my Prague travel Diary. If there’s anything you think I missed from the things to do in Prague, feel free to mention in comments below. After all, a traveler’s life is all about discovery!

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