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While I decided to have a ‘relaxed’ summer this year, the last 10 days have taught me how gravely I underestimated my vacation plans. Doing everything there is to do in and from two beautiful cities in the South-Asia can certainly take a toll on you. But I’ve finally recovered enough to share my experiences with you all.


Outfit: Travel in Style

Singapore Travel in Style Fashion

I’m wearing a Pink V-Neck Dress With Button And Bow from Shein. Styling it with a black cotton underdress. The weather in Singapore can be really humid and sticky and therefore I do recommend keeping it light and breathable with fabrics like cotton. I’m also donning my MK pastel sling bag that looks perfect with the dress.



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Standing pretty much as the centre of the Asia-Pacific business, markets, &, more, Singapore is a country that makes you believe in the power of human imagination & will. After centuries of being ruled over by various rulers, Singapore is a sovereign state today and quite proud of it. Most of country/city is made on reclaimed land, including the biggest highlight- Bay Sands area, and hosts the biggest of the biggest names you can think of!



Singapore is very accessible as most major flights can you fly you here. In fact, their international airport- Changi is one of the most transited airports in the world. It is also accessible by Ferries from Malaysia and Indonesia, depending on the island you’re on!

Singapore River cruise

Inside the city, you’ve got a great public transportation system that includes buses as well as metro trains. I recommend buying a MetroCard as the fare for the cardholder is 40%-50% lower as compared to that for a ticket holder. Plus you can avoid the long queues.

Of course, the Taxis are a great option, too. Just hail one and go!



Singapore pretty much maintains a similar average temperature throughout the year so there’s really no ‘best time’ to visit. If you can, avoid long weekends or local holidays so you can enjoy the attractions with a somewhat lesser crowd.


To do:

The city has the best man-made attractions in the world, hands down. It is one of the few cities that are best viewed at night. The added safety makes it accessible like that, too. However, since it is such an international city, I also stumbled upon some amazing hidden gems that serve as cultural hubs for the locals of varied ancestry.


All the things to do in Singapore –

Bay Area

Marina Bay Sands light and sound show

The Bay area is developed by the sands group less than a decade ago. It is literally the most scenic place in the city with everything in and beyond a layman’s imagination. You can have a fancy day here or view it in its full glory at night. Take a cruise, climb up to one of the restaurants for the skyline, or just walk around through the light & sound show! The highlights include:

  • Gardens by the Bay
  • Marina Sands Bay
  • Sky Park
  • Singapore Flyer


Singapore Skyline Skypark

Food & Nightlife:

The food and nightlife in the city can range from SGD5 to SGD50 for the same dish depending on whether you land in Holland Village’s Hawker Market or the riverside area of Clarke Quay. I do recommend exploring both areas for their own charm and party scenes, too.

Singapore Gardens by the bay

  • Holland Village
  • Clarke Quay


Cultural Hubs:


  • China Town

Typical China-Town with all the eccentrically beautiful streets, cheap buys, & more

Hawker Chan – World’s cheapest Michelin star restaurant, Chinatown

  • Little India

Food, People, Temples-everything Indian in one place

Singapore Mosque Arabic Street

  • Arabic Street

Persian Carpets, Mediterranean food, Mosque – all things from the middle-eastern friends



  • Orchard Road

All brands luxury or not in the most famous shopping street in the city.

  • Bay Area

From LV island to Chanel exclusive stores, this place is literally what Richie Rich dreams of.

  • Bugis Street

Cheap Mani-Pedi, populist shopping stores, and more for the in-budget spenders


Day Trips:

Sentosa Singapore Travel in style

  • Sentosa Island

A man-made island made for fun and recreation, Sentosa is situated on a 20-30 minute cable/train ride from Singapore city. Its many attractions include the expansive Resorts World, Universal Studios, Tiger Sky Tower, Singapore Butterfly & Insect Kingdom, and one of the largest collections of aquatic animals in the world, SEA Aquarium, all of which continue to draw repeat visitors from all over Asia.

St Johns Singapore

  • St. John’s Island

At a one-hour ferry ride from Singapore is the beautiful island of St. John’s. This former quarantine island has nothing but intact natural ecosystems at the display from picturesque beaches to lagoons. I’ll definitely dedicate one full blog to this in days to come.


  • Singapore Zoo & Safari
  • Botanical Gardens
  • Singapore F1 cars’ tour
  • The Trash Island


So, that’s all from my Singapore travel Diary. If there’s anything you think I missed from the things to do in Singapore, leave it in comments below & help me discover.


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For more of my Travel in Style Adventures, keep following Ertsy! Till then, stay curious and keep exploring !! x

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