Up until this point, you’ve heard me brag too many times of being on budget and such. However, as of summer 2018, I officially switched things up with my semi luxe travel feature section – ErtsyChic Luxescapes. I had a great response to my first ever hotel/experience review account, published a few months ago, so I’ve decided to make it a regular for 2019. Here’s one from AX Seashells Resort Malta, right as we finish 2018 for you!

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Ertsy Chic Luxescapes is not to brag about things money can buy but those experiences that become the highlight of my trip in terms of hospitality, places, & more. Yes, a personal account of a Semi luxe traveler.

What I Wore

The luxe outfit I wore as a highlight of this trip is this Satin Mixed Print Dress With Bell Sleeve With Bow from my fashion partner- Shein. I mean, I don’t know about you, but this looks like the perfect day and night outfit to me for the holiday season vibe to me. Plus, I love, love, love the quality and the cut of it, as usual. If you, too, love it as much as I do, buy it here. (Shopping in India? Buy here)

Malta Fashion Travel Style


The First Impressions

I booked a 3 night-3 day stay with the AX Seashells Resort Malta that included an airport transfer. I must say that I was quite taken aback by the distance between the airport and the hotel but upon discovering how conveniently it is located in connection to the rest of the sites, I was more than happy.

Everyone, from the front desk to the front office people, was helpful, friendly, and very clear about everything. I honestly appreciate that the most in a place I choose to live in. I was given all necessary details about what all is available on the property and whatever I can add to my itinerary with utmost sincerity & no ‘up-selling’ motives.

Travel Malta AX Seashells resort

Since I visited during the Holiday Week (right before Christmas), it was lovely to see the hotel all decked up and gorgeous. I loved the ambiance and spirits of the whole place.

I think the highlight has to be the Sea-view from the room, though. It just took the cake!

AX Seashells Resort Malta

The Room

I booked a quaint standard room for myself. I have barely graduated out of my student budget, after all. It offered the sea view (plus sunrise) that it promised and was all up to the cleaning standards I expect in my hotels. While there was nothing very exceptional about the room that I found worth making a note of, I had a great time watching the Mediterranean sunrise from my personal balcony every day of my stay! That’s luxury enough for me, honestly.

AX Seashells Resort Malta Sunset

Dining Experience

While the hotel breakfast buffet was very average, I didn’t expect too much out of it anyway. I mean, it was like any other hotel breakfast buffet. You’ve got some meats, eggs, fruits, pieces of bread, & beverages. Everything was clean, hot, upon request, and edible. I do recommend taking your package with the breakfast anyway because you really need all those healthy calories in the first meal of the day to be able to walk as much as Malta requires you to!

AX Seashells Resort Malta

Cheeky Monkey GastroPub

Located on the property itself is a GastroPub – Cheeky Monkey. I think it was, hands down, the highlight of all my trip. Amazing vibes and absolutely it for all age groups, the ambiance and decor were all too lovely. I think this was the shining star in the entire Seashells Resort Malta experience. Plus, they had a sea-view deck, I mean, you obviously can’t get any better than that!

Final Word

I think the hotel delivers everything as promised. I would definitely recommend it to anyone looking to have a luxurious stay in Malta. It’s everything you need for a relaxed experience in the country. The location is ideal for this seeking scenic views as well as connectivity (the public transport leaves literally from the door). The staff is helpful and approachable but at the same time, non-intrusive. Would genuinely love to visit again and explore more of Malta with them and more of their properties spread across the island.

I give it a 4/5*, keeping one for myself because I would love to see them enthrall me and stand out a little more. I mean, that’s what hospitality is all about, isn’t it!

So, this is where I conclude the ErtsyChic Luxescapes feature from Malta. Check out more about AX Seashells Resort Malta here. They actually offer some great deals and discounts when you book with them directly. If you do end up staying at AX Seashells Resort Malta, share your reviews with me, so we can compare notes!

FYI: This review is 100% honest and is in no way sponsored by AX Hotels or their stakeholders.

AX Seashells Resort Malta Sunset

Let me know how you like this feature and if you’d like more of such personal accounts of the places I stay at/services I use. Your love is what keeps me going.

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