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Hello Fashionistas! In a hope that you’ve missed us as much as we’ve missed you, we present the latest edition of Ertsy Look Of The Week! Following up on our power-women series, this week’s look features another superstar- Kriti Goyal in our fashion!

A lawyer by profession, Kriti is true fashionista at heart and with some Ertsy styling tips, she’s all set and here to make a mark. For her look, we’ve tried to explore the hipster in her and added a twist here and there to make it all so trendy.

The Look:

The given ensemble comprises of a studded crop-top and shorts layered with a scarf turned shrug. The look is complete with some awesome earrings, sneakers or bellies and headgear to top it all (literally). *wink*



To add definition to the look, don’t shy away from haughty bright make-up. For this look, there’s pink eye-shadow at the eye-line topped by some copper puff and a purple dash at the top to complete it all. And to make your lips stand out, use a matte pink lipstick.


Don’t forget to add some blush to highlight those amazing cheek-bones!


The look goes well with parties as well as casual hangouts. You just have to decide how you define your comfort and style and suit the occasion.


Alternatively, you can also tie your hair-up in a side bun. At Ertsy comfort is never compromised on the account of style and so we alternate the fashion and keep it trendy still.

DSC_0066-001 DSC_0062-001

The highlight of any look, as insisted upon time and again, is you! A different body type is made to adorn a different kind of style and rock it like that. Always cater to where your comfort lies. If you’re not comfortable in a look, there’s a massive chance that it is not working out for you.

DSC_0049 copy

And so what! Change it, twist and make it ertsy the way it comforts you! Rock every style with comfort and sass and tons of confidence. And while you’re at it, don’t forget to be your own desire!

Styling Kriti Goyal in the Trendy Hipster Look exclusively for Ertsy. Big shoutout to her!

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