Unusual Fashion Choice: Blazer and Tulle

Unusual Fashion Choice: Blazer and Tulle

I started a series last summer which was all about pushing me out of my comfort zone & taking up style challenges. I tried some clothes for the first time, learned some hairstyles, & even made some unheard of combinations work. I wanted to continue and go bigger on these style challenges this year. So, here’s the first one in the series for you. It’s all about making the unusual fashion choice of a Blazer and Tulle work.

As I uncover my process of choosing & curating this look below, I’m also sharing tips on some other unusual fashion choices you can work well with and how!

The Style Challenge:

So, before I jump in, here’re some rules I played by for this challenge:

1. Creating a Fun look but with a Blazer:

Obviously, a blazer is far from the conventional idea of what a fiesta look should be but that is what made the challenge super interesting.

2. Create a functional, wearable outfit:

To focus on creating an actual outfit with an off-beat choice and not just a ‘blogger’ outfit for one-off occasions. So, I’d be wearing it out in the city streets to gauge the standout & blend in factor.

The choice:

A big shoutout to my partner site- Shein.com for helping me pick this entire outfit from their worldwide shipping fashion website. I must also make a special mention of the quality of their clothes that has effectively gone up since the time I’ve been working with them. Besides, the size guides are updated to true match, too. You can use code ‘9ADITI’ sitewide to get an additional 15% off!


The outfit:

I wanted a Dior-esque silhouette. Basically strong shoulders, cinched waist, and a puffy skirt. Something like this:

Unusual Fashion Choice Dior silhouette

(Image via alixbdanthenay.fr)


So, I chose a spaghetti top and layered it with a cropped blazer from this suit co-ord set from shein (Shopping in India? Buy here). Even though this suit itself is a great ‘safe’ choice for summer, I chose this blazer because of the cut. Also, the stripes + color are compatible with the casual vibe while it draws in the ‘formal’ look. The single button on the cropped blazer acted as a great feature to complete my desired silhouette.

Unusual Fashion Choice: Blazer and Tulle


I wore a puffy tulle skirt in dark magenta (purple-ish pink). For a clear waistline, I layered it with a belt with a statement buckle. I statement wore flats with the look in white & a pair of clear glasses in a gold frame as an accessory.

Unusual Fashion Choice: Blazer and Tulle

Overall review:

Well, given that the city I tried this in was Paris, I managed to look exceptional and not out of the place, all at once. I wore this outfit at high tourist places so it wasn’t a Parisian place hence some diversity in the fashion choices. I would not wear this outfit to work but it’s a great day out outfit & overall, I love it.

Unusual Fashion Choice: Blazer and Tulle

Pro Tips on making Unusual Fashion Choices work:

  • Aim for a silhouette and add pieces that create it for you. In other words, instead of trying to match colors (which is the usual approach of creating an outfit), match cuts that’ll create the silhouette for you.
  • Rotate pieces in your wardrobe so that you are always updated on what’s available when you’re getting dressed in the morning. Don’t let the laziness of ‘safe & usual’ takeover in a time crunch.
  • Start out with pre-planning your risky outfits and then move onto more impulsive decisions. You’ll gain confidence and also be less afraid to take chances.
  • Refer to Instagram, especially to people that actually experiment with fashion for continuous inspiration. Save these images in your ‘collections’ and refer to them as and when you need to.

Unusual Fashion Choice: Blazer and Tulle

So, that was all about my Unusual Fashion Choice & some tips for yours, too. If you do end up creating a look like this, share it with me here or tag @aditiparashar on your Instagram. I’ll definitely leave a review/shoutout.


Don’t forget to get this outfit & more from Shein using code ‘9ADITI’ sitewide to get an additional 15% off!


For more of my travel in style adventures, keep following ERTSY. Till then, keep taking chances and redefining yourself.

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