Valentine’s Day Gift Ideas to treat yourself!

Valentine’s Day Gift Ideas to treat yourself!

I am not a big fan of Valentine’s day. However, gifting and shopping, in general, is something I really love. However, the exclusiveness of Valentine’s day for couples seems a little uncalled for to me. I mean, if it is the day of love, why can’t everyone be a part. Especially in 2018 when women are powerful, independent, and don’t need someone to pamper them. Which is why I decided to do a listing for Valentine’s day gift ideas but with a collection of gifts you can give to yourself instead of waiting around for someone else to.


The more amazing part is that I collaborated with Explore Gift for this curated listing because of their novel concept and genuine story. Because what a waste would it be to talk about products in the light of a forward movement and then list products which are all but not. These luxury products are ethically sourced and priced and donate a share of their earnings towards the life, food and shelter support for families in India & Bangladesh. So, basically, while you treat yourself, you can also ensure that gift something to someone in need!


So, without much further ado, here is the list of my favorite Valentine’s Day Gift Ideas from their list of beautiful products:


Personalized Jewellery:

If a woman’s first love/true love/fancy actually is jewelry, personalized, minimalist jewelry is what I recommend. Especially if it is so pretty and light that it makes a perfect everyday accessory to remind you of your times of self-appreciation every day.

Personalised Birthstone Ring

Rose & Initial // Personalised Necklace

Personalized Watches:

Watches always make for great gifts. So, why not gift one to yourself and mark the onset of a good time. Don’t forget to personalize it with something that inspires you!


Personalised Wooden Watch


Personalised Wooden Watch (Women Version)


Personalized Travel Gift Set:

Well, as a travel in style blogger, I’m a sucker for these. Especially if a set comes in that ridiculously beautiful box that can be personalized. Not to forget the contents – a handmade, vintage style journal, a coffee mug, and a keychain, all in the color of love!

 Women's Gift Set with Engraved Box


So, that’s about my list of recommendations for valentine’s day gift ideas. Might you think that of these gifts are good to intrigue you but quite not the ONE, head to their website and chat with their team to get some more gift ideas. I mean, luxury is all about personal experience, after all.


Indulge in treating yourself this valentine’s day and every other day to follow because it is only if you’ll love yourself that you can find love elsewhere. Not that you need it. Moreover, self-love also gives a much-needed boost to your manifesting power and enhances your focus in larger bigger in life. I mean, if that’s not motivation enough, what is!


For more of my travel in style adventures, keep following ertsy, till then, be your own desire.

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