Valentine’s day-to-night: date outfits

Valentine's day-to-night: date outfits

With valentine’s week here, I have finally decided to publish my first blog for 2020. I’m not big on Valentine’s day. Honestly, it always felt like a forced day of celebration for me. However, someone very wise told me a few months ago – why overlook any chance to celebrate, especially if it’s about love. So, I decided to do Valentine’s Date, day and night outfit challenge.

If you’re wondering why is this my first new blog for the year… well, every year, in a ritualistic fashion, I take a break from creating new content in January. Usually because of how cold it is and because I have so much content from December holidays to post. This year was no different. So, now that I’m back, I decided to kick things off with this style challenge. Big shoutout to my partner Shein for helping put this challenge together.

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Chic Day Style: Couple’s outfit on-point:

Days are for romantic, understated styling. I go for an effortlessly stylish vibe when dressing for my daily events. Especially for a date – you want to be extra comfortable so you can be light on your feet and be ready to take on any activity.

I have a ton of those romantic outfits styled already all over my blog, but something I had never done before was styling matching outfits with a partner. I think I’ve been averse to the idea because it can too cringy too soon. But what’s a challenge if it comes too naturally.

So, for this outfit, I decided to pick two matching key-pieces for the two of us (shoutout to Shash for partaking in this experiment). However, I didn’t want to do two identical outfits so the idea remained that we will ‘match’ the outfits but style them in a way that brings out our own personality.
Valentine's day-to-night: date outfits

Valentine's day-to-night: date outfits
The key piece I chose- was a white crop sweatshirt for me and a matching sweatshirt for Shash. We tried different ways to style the outfits and decided that we want to keep it a bit casual. Finally, we ended up matching the color of our jeans, too but I wore a pink blazer on top to retain the ‘personality’ aspect as well as the valentine’s day vibe.

Valentine's day-to-night: date outfits

Valentine's day-to-night: date outfits

Soiree Style: Red hot for Valentine’s date

Putting my evening outfit together was actually pretty interesting. In the pool of infinite dresses on Shein, I wanted something that screamed of love and valentine’s but still managed to stand out. And after being indecisive for a few days, I finally took the plunge with this Blazer-style red dress.

Valentine's day-to-night: date outfits
Now, this dress looked great on the website but when it came in the mail, I was absolutely blown over. The finish, the style, the fabric, the fit – everything was spectacular. There was something just so outstanding about this dress that I instantly felt like a queen in it. I went for the quintessential red-lip evening makeup with it and finished the look with this super-cute black mini sling bag.

Valentine's day-to-night: date outfits

I think this dress was one of those dresses that just made the entire outfit stand-out with the least effort. And I turned a lot of heads when I went out in it so my hunch was kinda validated.

Valentine's day-to-night: date outfits

So, that’s all about my outfits today. I’m ready to go out for a valentine’s day out now- morning or evening! What did you think about them? Which one is your favorite? What’s your plan for Valentine’s day? Do share details of your outfits in the comments below.

Read this blog on self-love before you commit to a date.

Big thanks to Shashwat Tripathi for being such a great sport and posing in front of the camera to showcase the matching outfits with me.

If you’ve gotten excited & inspired by these chic, stylish outfits, check them out and more on my partner site Shein using code:

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