Vintage Vendredi #ErtsyLookOfTheWeek

Vintage Vendredi #ErtsyLookOfTheWeek

Hey Ertsy Fashionsitas! Hope you are having a bomb time in this chilly winter. YES YES YES, it has been long since we last had an ErtsyLookOfTheWeek but we’ve been giving you so many hacks and giveaways that the looks could just find no time! <sorry> And now, that it is finally here, let’s make most out of it. Well, this seasons has got us all inspired with its subtle colours and beautiful skies. Plus, cold never fails to get you all poetic and romantic if you’re an ertsy heart. So, what better way to celebrate that than with some awesome hacks, which we’ve already given you, and some vintage feels, especially on a free afternoon beyond work and the busy life. So, straight from Paris, the new Ertsy HQ, here’s our take on a beautiful Vintage ‘Friday’ (Vendredi) afternoon in this poetic winter.

For this look, we’ve taken our minimalist fashion styles into great account. The focus as usual is on the elements, but the style composition is clean and chic. There are obviously layers, because winters and the colours to suit to the poetic mood.

The look:

Comprises of a sweater, a skirt and an over-coat; hair let down and a faint eye-liner for the depth.


With some stockings and small heel boots.



The idea is to highlight your curves while adorning the winter fashionista role with a tinge of vintage. The nude colour coat beautifully completes this. Other monochrome colours may also be a good idea.



It is a great idea to add dimensions to this look with a beautiful single-sling backpack. Very chic and the vintage the better.



With your hair let down and the minimalist agenda, go for a double choker necklace. Well, it is basically a plain chocker and a beautiful single chain necklace on the lace sweater. It will add elements to your look and make you look classier.



And obviously, this is a flowing bohemian skirt, so with the sweater tucked in, it even looks great without the given over-coat.



Don’t forget to smile for it becomes your best accessory at all times. And for the right kind of mood, this look will be best suited as out-door wear, like near tour Eiffel! *wink*



Hope you’ve enjoyed reading about the look and are inspired to create your own. Would love to hear your views and be inspired by your efforts, too.

Just to help you through, here’re some women winter jackets you can use from Kraftly to create your own Vintage Vendredi Look! *wink*


Till then, Stay ertsy and be your own desire! xx


Aditi Parashar
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