Vivid Venice #ErtsyLookOfTheWeek

Travel in style to Venice

If the globetrotter in you has not been moved by my year’s bucket list or the Venice Travel Diary, well, here’s Venice style, or Venice Travel in Style post for you. Ertsy Fashion is multi-dimensional, vibrant and super comfortable, which is what we strive to create time and again in all our looks. Because the city of Venice is all about beautiful lights and colours, I’ve created this Venice style to suit the vivid set up.

This shoot is majorly shot in the island of Burano and that is what adds to the vivid of the fashion statement I’m trying to create. Moreover, I am so in love with the Italian fashion and style that I couldn’t help but add elements of that in the look. Yes, the Italian fashion is all about chic cuts made to accentuate the body. Hence, I’ve put it to use with a beautiful dress that accentuates while staying comfortable. There’s obviously an Italian designer bag to compliment the look over-all.

The look has so many candid images of me because of the overwhelming happiness I felt at this vibrant and beautiful place. In fact, I have a big bunch of pictures over-all, too, which is why I’ve tried to collage the featured images and not repeat them in the pictures below.


The Venice Style Look:

A sublime dress to balance the colours

Pastel Pink Jacket

Pink Floral Silk Scarf

Stockings and Lace Boots

A Floral-design Italian Designer Bag to carry everything you’ll need

Because of the over-bearing sun, do to keep your sunglasses (or a hat) as a part of your travel essentials for your Venice style. *wink*

Make up:

Keep it light. Because of the sun, you’re highly likely to get sweaty and have a cake-y look. Further, having some light accessories, basic eye make-up and a pretty lipstick is what I’m all in for.

HIGHLY RECOMMENDED: Be sassy, classy and confident.

Travel in style to Venice Travel in style to Venice Travel in style to Venice Travel in style to Venice

Travel in style to Venice Travel in style to Venice Travel in style to Venice


So, that was about the Ertsy Look Of The Week this time. Next week will hold something new (hopefully). Stay tuned for more amazing travel in style stuff on Ertsy. Till then, stay ertsy and be your own desire.xx


Aditi Parashar
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