We don’t need a Women’s March

Women Empowerment March

In 1960s, when the Feminist movement caught on, the first wave feminists were a group of privileged women looking for equal opportunities for everyone. Well, to start with was rather peculiar to think that women needed equality in the first place. I mean, times were easier, they had access to food, good family life and now that war was over, they could even spend some quality time with their hard-working husbands. However, with continuous protests and struggle, they did get some basic civil rights for themselves. In the second wave, they contested for further social and cultural equality and when that wasn’t enough a third wave started in 2010 to address the financial, social and cultural inequalities and includes renewed campaigning for greater influence of women in politics and media and even something as grotesque as women’s reproductive rights. So, what if a country’s president wants to grab some of the women by their pussy when they are clearly throwing themselves at the handsome man. The world agrees to these ways, why fight the world order. With the far right rising back to power again in the world, slowly but surely, we sure have got that agreed upon as widely as possible.

The foundation of any civilisation is rooted in its theology, and it is like my fellow women have constantly failed to see the god and his ways, irrespective of the religion they follow. There is nothing wrong with embracing the traditional gender roles. It won’t hurt you to make a sandwich for the man who works so hard to provide for you. See, men and women are different in status for a reason, we are clearly the weaker gender and always in distress, and with that PMS overriding our body and brain, I don’t even think we are fit to make any decisions and yet we are asked sometimes.

And, what is all this complex nonsense about domestic abuse, marital rape and wanting to have control over your body?

I just fail to understand all these absurd concepts of revolt when it is the reality of life. We women are created to look beautiful and everything that a man does should and must be taken as a compliment. What kind of a witch want to let her head get so polluted about these ideologies of sexual freedom, equality revolt and questioning the value system that is created in a way that defines their place for them.

It is different for us anyway, we have little understanding of things which makes us question what is established to ensure our safety and piousness. In fact, all of these walks, marches and revolts just go ahead and testify for every social construct that has taught us that women are never satisfied and love to create a scene. You don’t get it, if you’d be spending so much time and will in understanding your place in the society, men will actually like you better and maybe do all of this without any struggle.

In a recent interview by Pepsi Co CEO Indira Nooyi pointed out how women do worse for other women by vehemently competing with them and just generally not supporting them. Interestingly, she is not the first one to say that. I remember listening to a ted talk from Facebook COO Sheryl Sandberg on the same lines where she said that women can’t climb up the ladder till other women encourage them to. As a millennial you may should feel privileged to see so many women in the question of power, to be honest, and concentrate on your own vices first. Probably be more concerned about the study conducted in 2015 that stated that men were threatened by a female boss and work towards making them feel secured about their masculinity by being more feminine and submissive. There are many more studies like such where us women are being just unnecessary tyrants. No one likes a dominatrix out of the bed, anyway.

Oh, if now you’re going to tell me about how work-place harassment, rapes, catcalling, body-shamming and everything in between is coming your way, I must tell you that you have absolutely no integrity of a sophisticated female who knows how to take a compliment. I mean, why would you wear those clothes, put on so much make-up when you’re clearly beautiful without it, go to a party, get drunk, be out of the house at wee hours and/or just be around men who aren’t your father, husband or brother if you weren’t asking for it. As a woman, I understand that I have the power to be absolutely feminine, but whether I want to be a goddess or a devil is absolutely dependant on the choices I make and the road I take. And, if I respect my body as the temple it is and control my clothing as well as behaviour and listen to things my elders say, I will be just fine.

In the world of so many successful women today, irrespective of the means they have used to climb up those stairs, so many civil rights and a new found voice across the globe amongst the woman-kind, let’s talk about something that matters and stop spending so much time and energy in trying to establish our body as our own, our mind free and our thoughts uncontrolled. Let’s stop trying to make a name a space for ourselves when there’s already one defined. Let’s be grabbed and even molested when we deserve to be. Because it would be a blasphemy to think of women as anything else but grateful with whatever they are getting now . Seriously, stop blaming everyone for your circumstances because #NOTALLMEN are responsible.

So, I hope we stand clear on this dynamic of seeking god, direction, understanding for ourselves and some appreciation for the life we live rather than going on a march for women. I definitely haven’t been a part of any and won’t start and/or be at the one being organised in my vicinity.

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Aditi Parashar
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  1. Powerful writing there babe!! I felt your emotions and conviction. I completely agree that women need to support each other to help each other grow and get to the top. Alot of women bring other women down and it is so sad, and disheartening. It breaks my heart that we love in an age where that happens so much more than ever before. Brilliantly well written xx

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