Winter Wander #ErtsyLookOfTheWeek

Winter Wander #ErtsyLookOfTheWeek

Hey Ertsy people! In our continuous endeavours to bring the best of travel in style, we’re doing another bit on Winter Fashion, today. Winter in Paris, where I am, is well a bane because of the excessive wind! However, the look of the week is from Barcelona which is a little easier and well, beautifully cold rather than being the melancholy cold. So, I’ve used knit in this look and damn it is warm and chic all at the same time. And obviously, I’ve kept it minimalist yet fancy with some very primal and pretty colours. However, there’re no accessories to come in the way of your winter blanket comfort in this outfit! *wink*

This is my second shoot in Barcelona after Moda Gothica and there’s definitely a third one because of how lovely this city has been. Whether it is the the diverse culture or the hospitality, this is the place that I wish to visit again the soonest amongst all the places I’ve been to. In fact, I was so happy that I also shot my collaboration post in men’s styling Holiday Hipster here and well, you do know how amazing that was. Visiting Barcelona has definitely been the highlight of my Winter Wander and that is what makes this look even more special.

Finally, because I love to be and highly encourage comfort fashion, this has to be the best elemental ensemble for myself, too. I am usually a lazy diva in winters but this look has lead me to believe that lazy winter days can also be made most off.

The look:

Is made up of a warm red tassel sweater, a basic navy semi knit skirt, a pair of stockings, small-heeled comfortable boots, a pretty, white French knit cap and a burberry scarf. And, just so you know, I’m sans make-up for the look because, well, I love to do that with looks alternatively and just breathe free when I’m on the go. I’ve also added a comfortable and matching sling bag to the look to carry all my essentials.


So, well, I added layers and made the most out of my time in Barcelona as I travelled in style with my Winter Wander look. Hope you can, too. I’d love to know if this has inspired you and would love to know how. Don’t forget to check out the blog every Monday and Thursday for new additions.

Till then, stay ertsy and be your own desire!

Aditi Parashar
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