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Dress for the job you want.’

This week’s Ertsy Look of the Week is all about bringing out the class in you with a trendy corporate style ensemble. The famous quote mentioned above is all in the essence of what this week’s look holds! So, while you climb the ladder of success in the corporate world, here’s a look that’ll not only grab eye-balls but also keep it up for you.

The dress ensemble, being a formal one, works the best with dark colours and designer accessories. Obviously, we’ve added some signature Ertsy flavour to it, too!

The look:

A well- stitched and fit blue summer blazer, a white blouse, a pair of black chinos and a comfortable pair of black strap wedges to keep it all together!


To enhance this trendy corporate style, I’ve added this amazing Betsy Johnson Bag (from Steve Madden) and have kept my hair open , a) because I love how my natural hair falls, b) because they make the look formal and casual, all at once!


Wait! Now, before you think that this is all about the look, I want you to take a special look at this awesome designer Summer Blazer!


Oh yes! It is a cut through at the back and that makes it just so much more stylish! While you can wear it to office, you can use it as party-wear as well.


Don’t forget to work around enhancing your pose and poise while you sport these awesome clothes and bring out the best in yourself by shedding all your inhibitions and embracing yourself!


You can enhance your look with a basic eyeliner, highlighting those beautiful eyes and a subtle lip-colour, too!



Also, while we’re at it, let’s understand that us women have come a long way to stand where we do today. We’re self-made and as we progress, we often meet and experience people who don’t understand the worth of a self-made women and end up weighing her much below!

So, in wisdom today: ‘Don’t worry about people talking behind your back; they’re behind you for a reason.’

Embrace your flaws and you’ll always be beautiful. And never forget to believe in yourself and be Your Own Desire!



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