Wrap Dress Style #ErtsyLookOfTheWeek

Wrap Dress Style #ErtsyLookOfTheWeek

Hola Ertsy Fashionistas! Bringing back the 70s charm in the modern style with the iconic tie and wrap dress is what this week’s ertsy look is all about.

What started with Diane Von Furstenberg’s fame is a super fancy fashion outfit all around the world. Surprising that it stayed under the ‘wraps’ for all this while actually before resurfacing again 2-3 years ago and found its place back this year’s SS17 collections. Practical, elegant, and sensual at the same time, wrap dresses are fun and comfortable all at once.

Diane Von Furstenberg was not the one to invent wrap dresses, though: she reinterpreted it with a modern cut and colored prints, but this model was actually first designed in the 1930s by Charles James, who called it his “taxi dress”, because he wanted it to be suitable for any occasion: from a party to your bedroom, to riding a cab! <<TheBlondSalad.com>>

The reason for choosing the wrap dress you ask? Well, it is a classic retro outfit with a sophisticated touch, and light to move around in.

Since this was the first time I styled a wrap dress, I’ve kept it minimal and pretty retro, too. I chose to wear a black slip dress underneath just to be a little more functional and comfortable. I chose a bright color and a very comfortable pair of flats and makeup ensemble in a hope to not be too overwhelmed by it.

And, as a matter of fact, I felt super comfortable in the wrap dress.  Actually pretty confident that even women with curves can flaunt it. So, you should try it, too!


The look:

Blush Red Tie and wrap dress
Cream band flats
Black slip dress
Black choker necklace

Nude makeup- pink lipstick, light BB-cream, Foundation, Mascara

Wrap Dress Style  Wrap Dress Style   Wrap Dress Style Wrap Dress Style   Wrap Dress Style

Wrap Dress Style



So, that was my interpretation of the tie and wrap dress. I’ll certainly be doing more of it in future since I loved it so much.

Keep following ertsy for all my travel in style adventures. Till then, stay ertsy and be your own desire.

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