5 Practical Winter Essentials in 2017

5 Practical Winter Essentials in 2017

In the middle of December, the only thing I can think of other than the upcoming holidays and my trip to Italy is how I detest winter fashion. Now now, I am a big fan of coats and chic hats and boots but my problem is rather deep-rooted. It lies in the fact that everything underneath the coat is pretty wasteful if you look at it practically. And honestly now, how many chic coats, jackets, and boots can a girl actually buy before you go bankrupt. So, I thought of writing a new list with some Practical Winter Essentials in 2017. They keep up with trends while keeping you warm and cozy like they’re supposed to.

In fact, out of personal interest, this article will be more about surviving the winds than anything else. Since if you live in Europe or are traveling through Europe, you’re more likely to say swear words when you leave your room in the winter more than anything else. It is just a quest of getting from one warm place to another without dying. (Yes, this depends on your tolerance for winds and Europe is too big to be generalized but it is just too cold here.)

So, now that I’m done complaining a little, back to the actual list that will help us make it through – 5 Practical Winter Essentials in 2017:

1. Monochromatic Coats

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They just seem to be not going out of fashion. I would recommend investing in a good woolen, faux fur, parka, or trench coat in navy, black, white, or tan. They compliment all outfit types and stay universal, too. If you’re a little bit of a rebel like me, the millennial pink trench coats are definitely my thing this season, too. Just remember that you’re going for a two-color scheme with your winter outfits and any coat you choose should fall in line with that.

2. Layers of woolen cardigans/turtlenecks

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Choose between the classics or go for the pearls, the idea is to have warm layers that deliver chic when you actually do take that coat off.

3. All types of Check Scarves

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If you haven’t caught up on the street-style inspired Fashion year 2017 has been, checks are definitely what are making the waves. So, if you don’t buy a check coat, go for a check scarf instead. It could be in the classic grey or even daring pinks and greens.

4. Trendy Hats

5 Practical Winter Essentials in 2017

Beanies, sailor hats, barrettes, bring them all and bring them good. Also, try having the pom-pom or pearl embeds when you choose the hats to make your outfit sexier.

5. Trendy Socks

While most fashionistas would ask you to invest in boots, I say go for the socks/tights. This way you can even wear loafers and tackle the cold like the boss you are. Well, that’s my very high up on the practical winter essentials.

So, that’s all from me today. If you have any more ideas, please be a darling and leave them in the comments below. For more love and travel in style adventures, keep following ERTSY. Till then, be your own desire. x

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