5 Wardrobe Must Haves to Survive Autumn

5 Wardrobe Must Haves to Survive Autumn

Hey, Ertsy beauties! Welcome back to another Autumn inspired article on erubescent ecstasy. Needless to know that it is my favorite season and I will do more of autumn blogs, too. So, why “5 Wardrobe Must Haves to Survive Autumn”, you ask? Well, the thing is that even though autumn is quite a lovable season for me, it has its vices and this post is not about fashion trends but more of survival strategies.

Since I do acknowledge the needs of a fashionista, all these wardrobe must-haves take into account your style quotient. However, you must understand that life > fashion, so sometimes, tradeoffs are ok. Or is it…

Anyhow, this list will try to get the need and fashion together as much as possible. Basically to survive autumn in the most stylish, ertsy way.

Here are the 5 Wardrobe Must Haves to Survive Autumn:

1. Blanket Scarfs

The only way to look effortlessly trendy and comfortably tackle the winds is by wearing blanket scarfs. I go for pastel colors or a plain black but you can choose any. They are distinctively more effective than any other kind of scarf whether you are a lazy diva or a high street fashionista. Plus, if you abode them well enough, they can be your own style statement.

2. Dry Shampoos

Simply because washing your hair every day sucks in the cold. Dry Shampoos also help you save hair from dryness that may be caused due to over-washing coupled with the autumn winds. Besides, it saves all the time for you to get that make-up on point. So, yeah, dry shampoos rock!

3. Glitter boots

You obviously need boots because of the cold and in 2017, glitter boots are trendy, too. However, I make them a must-have list because they add a glam quotient to your whole outfit. Besides, since the attraction of a pair of glitter boots is the glitter, they are functional and beautiful irrespective of with heels or without, ankle or knee-high.

4. Oversized Jumpers

Imagine you could wear and take your knit blanket around in the autumn and still look stylish… well, that is not hard to imagine because of the oversized jumpers. Couple it with a skirt or with a pair of leggings and voila, you’ve got the easiest and coziest outfit. I mean I even did a whole article on sweaters and skirts hacks for lazy fashionistas.

5. Statment Sunglasses

Since the sun is still blazing (hopefully), you need a pair of statement sunglasses to look absolutely fly. Moreover, as you get a little pale, sunglasses can add some color to you and hopefully your life, too. It is all about the fashion synergy, after all.


So, hope these pointers help you survive autumn better and in style. If you know of any other pointers that I could use, don’t hesitate to write them in the comments below. There’s a giveaway running on my Instagram right now where you can win an amazingly Perfect Autumn Dress. Go check it out.


Till then, stay ertsy, and be your own desire.

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